Smith Culberson

Office Manager & Sales Support Coordinator

Smith is a southern boy from Atlanta who came to Red Kite Recruiting after leaving his previous job as a CoolSculpting Specialist and moving to Chicago to be with the SO of his dreams who he met via Instagram (#lovestory).

He joined Red Kite as a Sales Support Coordinator, assisting the team with research and sales reporting and is also the company’s Social Media Extraordinaire. Currently Smith is working under Deanna’s wing to become the next Rookie of the Year in recruiting! Prior to Red Kite Recruiting and CoolSculpting, Smith worked in merchandising for one of Atlanta’s most well known companies, Coca-Cola and in sales for American Girl.

While Smith enjoys working in an otherwise all-female office, he also enjoys getting some guy-time with Leo and Cooper, the office dogs.
When not at work, Smith can be found at the nearest café, walking to the nearest café or taking photos of himself with the coffee he just bought at the nearest café. Other activities Smith enjoys include cooking, reading and binge-watching the latest Netflix original.

Favorite Food: Crunchy peanut butter (none of that “creamy” madness).
Favorite Book: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson